Yafex Women's Vintage Dress Large Floral

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About the Brand

Grace Karin specialized in women's dresses with more than 10 years in clothing fashion field.

Our products have been exported to many countries and regions around the world.

We insist on the tenets of "High Quality" and "Customer Always First".

Hope you could enjoy the shopping and love our dresses.

About the dress

100%Cotton Vintage Cap Sleeve Ball Cocktail Evening Prom Party Dress with concealed zipper at back.

Made From A Good Quality Stretch Cotton Fabric.

Available in 9 Styles and Plus Size.

About the size

We strongly suggest you have your body measurements taken first.

Once you know it, Please don't choose the size according to Amazon Size Chart and your on-line shopping experiences, detailed size information please check our size chart image.Thank you!

Usually the Bust Size and the Waist Size are the most important reference..

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