Eyekepper Grow Room Glasses HPS & MH lighting

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There are many reasons of for you to consider choosing this Cool Eyekepper Grow Room Glasses HPS & MH lighting Goggles, lets see some features of this eyekepper product:
Blocking the harsh yellow light emitted from High Pressure Sodium lighting - found in most grow rooms.

The remaining portion of the light spectrum is re-adjusted in the lens to create white balanced light. See in optimized color under HPS lighting - work unconstrained.

Find yourself constantly squinting in the grow room? Overtime constant exposure to high levels of UV and infrared radiation leads to irreparable eye damage. Including the loss of color perception, cataracts, and the destruction of your night vision.

The lens blocks all harmful invisible wavelengths, including UVA, UVB, UVC and Infrared wavelengths.

Your plants require these invisible wavelengths to flourish. Your eyes certainly don't. Your brain automatically attempts to compensate any color imbalances. Under HPS lighting the green you see is not green but is interpreted by your brain to be green.

This is why after longer periods of time working in under the harsh yellow light the intensity of the yellow light dulls.

Our optics render the grow room in true color freeing your brain from making this color compensation.

A less strained brain equals less fatigue. Monitor plant health, determine correctly the color of your plant leaves, spot pests, disease, rot, mildews, mineral deficiencies and excesses.

LED lighting, while being mechanically more efficient and safer, pose their own risks to the indoor grower.

There is no shortage of scientific studies highlighting the EXTREME DANGER from working in high intensity blue and violet LED lighting. The risk of permanent damage to the eye cannot be understated.

The risk comes from highly concentrated levels of harmful electromagnetic radiation not only in the infrared and standard UVA and UVB wavelengths, but also lesser known UVC wavelengths, which are generally filtered out of our existence in the upper atmosphere, never reaching us on the..

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