niceEshop(TM) Egg Stainless Steel 60-Minute Kitchen Timer-Silver

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Product feature:This is a mechanical drive timer.No battery needed,practical and economical design.How to use:1>At first,Rotate clockwise to the end(60minute point).2>Then If you want to timer like 20minite long.just rotate in counterclockwise direction to the 20 minite point.3>When time's up,it rings automatically.Kindly tips:For avoiding demaging the builtin movement,Pls do not overdrive when rotating to the end.Please do not repeat back and forth rotation when it is working.Wipe timer with damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.Wish the lovely fashion model let your life in perfect order while add feeling of art and creativeness to your house decoration.Material: Stainless steel. Color: Silver.Package include:1 x Practical Egg Shape Timer 60 Minute 1 x Blue Cable tie (with niceEshop logo) Please note: 1> niceEshop(TM) is a registered trademark and the only authorized..

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niceEshop(TM) Egg Stainless Steel 60-Minute Kitchen Timer-Silver +Free niceEshop Cable Tiepics,cheap

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